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How To Use HIT Cockroach Spray?

If you have a cockroach problem, you might be looking for the best way to solve it. 

There are many products to choose from, and sometimes, the most effective are those that work on contact. 

You use HIT cockroach spray by pulling the trigger and spraying the chemicals directly on roaches in the crevices where they hide. The spray kills the cockroaches quickly by attacking their nervous system. Be sure to wipe away any excess product from surfaces in your home.

What is the Correct Way to Use HIT Cockroach Spray?

When using an instant-kill cockroach spray, you’re aiming for a direct hit. 

Kitchens and bathrooms tend to be roach hotspots and are probably where the roaches first appeared. 

If you use HIT spray to kill a cockroach in one of these rooms, let the product dry, as there are probably more hiding nearby who might come out at night and become victims themselves.

If the roach escaped into a crevice before it died, do not fear. There’s a good chance the insect you sprayed will die, exposing others to the pesticide.

Be careful not to overuse the spray, especially if you have pets.

While HIT is safe for humans, you should avoid getting it on your skin. If you come in contact with it, wash the area with soap and water.

The most important thing is to use sprays wisely and always read product labels to follow directions exactly.

What Makes HIT Cockroach Spray Effective?

Most cockroach sprays, including HIT, contain synthetic pyrethroids and pyrethrins, which are paralytics derived from chrysanthemum flowers.

When a cockroach is sprayed with the pesticide, it gets absorbed through its skin. The chemicals interrupt the cockroach’s nervous system, leading to paralysis and death. 

Do Cockroach Sprays Work?

In general, cockroach sprays vary in effectiveness, depending on the species of cockroach, the chemical agents used, and the application method. 

Many sprays containing pyrethroid chemicals (e.g., allethrin, bioallethrin, cyfluthrin, etc.) are available on the market.

Simple to use, inexpensive, and easy to find, contact kill sprays are a great option for getting rid of insects. 

Even though roaches are extremely easy to kill on sight, they often scurry into cracks, behind walls, and into other hard-to-reach places. 

The best way to kill cockroaches with this type of product is to combine it with other methods, such as residual sprays or insect growth regulators. 

If you aren’t comfortable using pesticide sprays, contact an exterminator who will assess your situation and make a proper recommendation for treatment.

Is it Safe to Use Roach Sprays?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to pesticide safety. It depends on which chemicals are used and how much is sprayed. 

As a result, these sprays are often toxic since they are highly effective at killing. 

If you are going to use any cockroach treatments, make sure you read the instructions thoroughly. 

Humans and animals alike may react to contact sprays, which can cause throat irritation, breathing difficulty, severe coughing, and asthma symptoms.

Ensure that children and pets are kept away from any pesticides. 

If you use a cockroach spray near your fish tank, cover it tightly.

What’s the Best Way to Dispose Of Dead Cockroaches

The best way to dispose of a dead cockroach is to throw it in the trash, seal the bag tightly, and remove it from your home.

Don’t pick up the dead roach with your hands, as they carry harmful bacteria, so use gloves or other methods to remove the carcass.

Dead cockroaches also give off a scent that attracts other insects, so ensure to clean the area thoroughly after disposing of the body.

You can flush dead cockroaches down the toilet, but it’s a bit of a waste of water.

Theoretically, you can also burn dead roaches in a bonfire or fire barrel, but it’s overkill unless you have hundreds of dead cockroaches that need disposing of. 


Roach sprays are effective because they kill roaches quickly. 

Besides killing roaches immediately after spraying, roach sprays can keep working for days or weeks afterward. 

Your home will be roach-free sooner than expected if you’re determined, use the right spray, and keep your home clean and dry.