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How Long Does it Take for Termites to Die After Treatment?

For those about to start termite treatment, the first question that comes to mind is often, how long will it take to kill the entire colony?

How long it takes for termites to die after treatment depends on the type of treatment. For instance, a soil insecticide treatment usually takes about three months to kill off a colony completely. In fumigations, though, the colony usually dies within a few days. 

How Long Does it Take Spray Insecticides to Kill Termites?

An exterminator in a protective mask holding a spray can near the kitchen cabinet.

If a professional has applied the insecticides, you can expect most of the colony to die within a few days. 

The entire colony may even die off during this time. 

However, there is no guarantee that the insecticides will kill the entire colony, even when applied by a professional. 

So, you may still be dealing with termites after spray treatments. 

Yet, depending on the spray you use, the insecticide could end up lasting for several weeks and, in some cases, several months. 

Thus, even if the colony doesn’t die off immediately from the spray, it could end up killing them later. 

How Long Does it Take a Chemical Termite Barrier to Kill Termites?

A chemical termite barrier is a chemical treatment zone that lies beneath the ground around your home. 

When termites enter this zone, they die pretty much immediately. 

On average, chemical barriers take about three months to kill an entire colony. 

How Long Do Chemical Termite Barriers Last?

Chemical treatment barriers typically last between 5 and 8 years. 

During this time, the barrier will continue to kill termites on contact, which will keep them from entering your home. 

How Long Does it Take Termite Bait Stations to Kill Termites?

A termite bait station in the blue lid.

Bait stations, although cheap, take some time to kill off an entire termite colony. 

Usually, you can expect a colony to completely die off within six months after you first set up the stations. 

Bait stations take a while to work because the termites have to find the bait in the station before it can kill them. 

And it can be some time before the entire colony comes into contact with the poisoned bait. 

Additionally, you should remember that you have to monitor bait stations and refill them when they get empty, or they will no longer work. 

How Long Does it Take Termite Foams to Kill Termites?

Termite foams kill termites within about a day after they first come into contact with it. 

When it comes to eliminating an entire colony, though, it often takes about a month and a half. 

How Long Does Termite Foam Last?

Most termite foams will continue to kill termites for about 4-6 weeks after application. 

Yet, how long it lasts depends on the product, so check the label for more specific information. 

How Long Does it Take Termite Physical Barriers to Kill Termites? 

Dead termites on wood.

Physical termite barriers don’t actually kill termites. 

Instead, they are barriers that block access points that would otherwise allow termites inside your home. 

Physical barriers sometimes contain a chemical treatment as well but not always. 

How Long Do Termite Physical Barriers Last?

Generally, physical termite barriers last for 20 years after application. 

After this period, it’s a good idea to have a professional redo the barrier to ensure it is still effective against termites. 

Were All Houses Built With Termite Physical Barriers?

All houses built after 2001 should have a physical termite barrier. 

Houses built before this year may have a termite barrier, but the system would be outdated by now and needs replacing. 

How Long Does it Take Termites to Die After Fumigation?

Since fumigation fills the entire house with poison, it kills termites pretty quickly. 

Generally, all termites in your home should be dead by the end of the fumigation. 

How Long Does Fumigation Take?

You can expect termite fumigation to take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours. 

During this time, you will not be able to enter your home because the air will be toxic. 

Not being able to get in your home for an extended period is an inconvenience, but fumigations last this long because it takes a while to kill all the termites. 

How Long Does it Take Boric Acid to Kill Termites?

A bottle of boric acid on a white table.

Once termites come into contact with boric acid, they usually die within 24 hours. 

But, how long it takes to kill off the entire colony depends on how much you apply and where you put it. 

In general, though, boric acid will eliminate a significant amount of the termite population within one to three weeks. 

How Long Does Boric Acid Last?

Boric acid can last for about six months as long as it doesn’t get wet. 

However, for best results, you should reapply the acid every few days. 

How Long Does it Take Diatomaceous Earth to Kill Termites?

When termites come into contact with diatomaceous earth (DE), they typically die within 12 hours. 

But, it generally takes several months for DE to eradicate an entire colony. 

How Long Does Diatomaceous Earth Last? 

Diatomaceous earth will continue killing bugs indefinitely as long as it doesn’t get wet. 

Yet, for best results, you should reapply about once a week. 

How Long Does it Take Nematodes to Kill Termites?

A 3D illustration of nematodes on a red background.

Once a nematode enters the body of a termite, it rarely takes more than 48 hours to kill it. 

Most termites will die in less than a day. 

When it comes to killing off an entire colony, though, how long it takes to be 100% effective depends on how many nematodes you apply and the termite colony’s size.

Also, you should remember that when buying nematodes to kill termites, you want to make sure you get beneficial nematodes. 

Other types of nematodes may not be able to kill termites and could cause damage to your local environment. 

What Is the Most Effective Way to Kill Termites?

The most effective way to kill termites is to have a fumigation performed by a professional. 

Fumigations are highly effective because your entire house will be full of poison for a day or more, allowing it to reach every termite hiding in your home. 

In fact, fumigations typically kill off 98% of a termite colony. 

How Much Does Termite Fumigation Cost?

Termite fumigation can be pretty expensive since it requires a professional to tent your entire home, and it uses a lot of chemicals. 

In most cases, you will pay between $1 and $4 per square foot. 

And since the average house is around 2,300 square feet, you can expect to spend between $2,300 and $9,200 for fumigation. 

Will Termites Come Back After Treatment?

Close-up photo of a termite.

Termites can come back after treatment. 

Thus, you should consider taking measures to keep termites from getting back into your home. 

Some of the best ways to keep termites away include: 

  • Having a chemical or physical termite barrier installed 
  • Keeping wood away from your house 
  • Not letting your yard flood 
  • Not using mulch near your home 
  • Getting rid of dead plants on your property 


How long it takes a termite treatment to work depends on the type of treatment you have had done. 

Some treatments, like fumigation, get rid of termites fast, while others can take several months to show substantial results.