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How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Xbox One?

Cockroaches find the warm, dark spaces inside our electronics incredibly inviting and frequently make them their homes. 

So how can you get rid of cockroaches inside your XBOX One or other game console?

The best way to get cockroaches out of any electronics is to place a tempting poison bait next to the device. The roaches will eat the poison before retreating inside, where they will spread the poison and die. 

Why Do Roaches Hide In Electronics?

Illustration photo of a cockroach on a gray background.

When searching for shelter, cockroaches look for a few particular things. 

They want a dark area, as they are nocturnal and are most active at night. They prefer to avoid areas with high light levels because it makes them feel exposed and at risk. 

They also enjoy small spaces because it makes them feel protected and gives their eggs and babies a better chance at survival. 

Finally, cockroaches prefer warm and humid areas. They generally look for places that stay around 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. 

When your console is on, it produces a large amount of heat, making its small, dark spaces the perfect temperature. 

Roaches will hide in all electronics, from gaming consoles to TVs and kitchen appliances. 

Game consoles are particularly at risk for roach infestations because of their locations. People commonly place their console on a shelf or below a TV, where there is a lot of cover and warmth. 

These places make consoles like the XBOX One ideal hiding spots and breeding grounds for cockroaches. 

Getting Roaches Out Of An Xbox One

Getting roaches out of an XBOX One or another gaming console can be a hassle and a disgusting endeavor.

The simplest, safest, and generally best way to get them out of the console is to use poison bait. Homemade poisons work fine if you want to avoid using any harsh chemicals. 

Borax, boric acid, and baking soda are the commonly used cockroach poisons. Mix the poison with sugar and water to form a dough ball, then leave it out where the roaches can get to it. 

The roach eats the bait, then the poison of choice kills them by either rapidly dehydrating them or expanding inside their gut. 

You can also use a store-bought chemical bait that may be a bit more powerful. These typically come in gel form and are almost irresistible to roaches. You place it outside the roaches’ den just like homemade bait, then wait. 

To help kill off all the roaches in the area, you’ll also want to apply your poison around the home, not just next to your console. 

Place poison baits around your electronics, your kitchen and bathrooms, and any other high-traffic areas for roaches. 

Without setting up traps around the home, you may get them out of your XBOX One just to watch them return from another hiding spot. 

Keep in mind that roaches frequently return to their hiding spots, so most of the cockroaches will die while inside your XBOX One console. However, once the infestation has been killed off, you’ll need to clean and disinfect your console. 

Open up the console, then remove and dispose of any roach bodies you find inside. You’ll then want to thoroughly clean and disinfect every millimeter of the device. 

If you fail to remove any leftover eggs, they have the potential to hatch, and then you’ll have roaches inside the console again. 

Using canned air can help you reach into the tiniest crevices of the device, but be warned that roach guts, body parts, and eggs will fly out when you shoot compressed air through a gap. 

If poison bait isn’t for you, you can also try freezing the roaches. Be sure to place your console in a sealed plastic bag so no water can get inside. Set your console in a freezer and wait for the roaches to die from the cold. 

You want to leave the console in the freezer for at least six days, then wait a day or two after taking it out so it can dry before plugging it back in. 

You’ll need to do the same amount of clean-up with this method, but you don’t have to handle any chemical baits. 

What Not to Do

Do not shoot any kind of roach spray into your console, especially if you plan to keep using it while you wait for the roaches to die. 

The cooling fan inside your console will shoot the spray back out of the console, filling the room with the poison. 

The fan will cause any person in the room to inhale the poison, resulting in serious health issues, including asthmatic symptoms. 

On top of this, the chemicals in roach spray and bug bombs can damage the internal components of your console and cause it to stop working. 

You also should not continue using your console if you know there are roaches inside of it. Getting the roaches out should be your top priority. 

Cockroaches secrete oils that can corrode electrical components and wiring. While this can eventually ruin your console and cause it to stop working, it’s also hazardous. 

If the wiring fails, it can cause an electrical short that can result in a fire, making it hazardous for those who leave their console running overnight. 

You also should not use duct tape to close off any entry points of your console. 

While it might keep cockroaches from squeezing their way inside your XBOX, it can also cause the console to overheat and eventually quit working. 

Game consoles rely on a fan to keep them from overheating and eliminate dust from the electronic components inside. 

Closing that gap causes the device to run hotter than intended, melting essential parts that make it run smoothly. 

How to Keep Roaches Out of a Gaming Console

Close-up photo of a gaming console.

The easiest way to keep insects and roaches from getting inside your console is to place it in a high, open area. 

Roaches love enclosed, dark spaces with plenty of covers to hide. Leaving your console out in the open reduces the chances that roaches will take up residence inside of it.

Keep your console and the area around it clean and clutter-free. You’ll want to ensure there isn’t a bunch of paper, food, or trash left around your console. 

Speaking of food, keep your hands clean when handling your controllers or consoles. The food crumbs on your hands can help attract roaches to the device. 

While you shouldn’t tape over your exhaust ports, you can use a dust-proofing kit to make it harder for roaches to get inside the console. 

Not only will these prevent dust from accumulating inside the console, but they can also stop roaches from getting inside. 

Following these steps can help you insect-proof your console.


The best way to get cockroaches out of an XBOX One is to place poison baits around the console and wait for the roaches to die. Once dead, you can dispose of the bodies inside the device and thoroughly disinfect the inside. 

Be sure to place additional baits around the home to help with the infestation.