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Why Would A Cockroach Be In Your Bed? (9 Reasons)

If you have a cockroach infestation, you never know where one might appear, and finding one in your bedroom can be a particularly traumatizing experience. 

Understanding why a cockroach might be in your bed and knowing how to get rid of them will help you sleep peacefully.

A cockroach would be in your bed because it detects food in it. Eating in your bed or leaving trash nearby can attract cockroaches and prompt them to explore further.

9 Reasons Why A Cockroach Be In Your Bed

A cockroach on the bed and a blurred photo of a man sleeping.


If you eat in bed, there’s a good chance you have dropped some food, and there are crumbs in and around it. 

Cockroaches are attracted to food sources. When they find it somewhere, they will stay near that area. They could live under or around your bed and come out at night to check for food. 

The more crumbs you drop in the bedroom, the more cockroaches you may see. 

You can prevent them from getting in your bed by not eating in your bedroom and by keeping the area clean and free from crumbs.


If you’ve ever spilled any food or drinks in your bed, the cockroaches may still be able to smell it and may be attracted to it. 

Even if you’ve thoroughly cleaned the area and can’t smell anything, cockroaches (and other insects) can still easily detect trace amounts.

Cockroaches may be attracted to stains on your sheets or mattress and may go to your bed thinking these smells are food.


Many scents attract cockroaches. You might not notice certain smells, but there are quite a few that could attract cockroaches to your bedroom and even to your bed. 

If you don’t change your sheets often enough, the smell of body odor or just everyday life could entice them. 

If you use a certain kind of soap or detergent, cockroaches might mistake that scent for food.

To keep cockroaches and other insects out of your bed, shower at night, wear clean pajamas and wash your bedding often.


Cockroaches need water to live like every other living thing, and they will look for it in all types of places. If there is a lot of moisture in your room, they may be attracted to it. 

If you’ve spilled water or other liquids on your bed, the cockroaches may go to your bedroom to find something to drink. 

Keep the humidity out of your room, and immediately mop up any spills so you don’t attract pests.


If you have recently sprayed your home for pests, if you have any pets, or if there are other larger pests in the house, cockroaches may be in your bedroom because they are hiding. 

They like dark, cool places; if they feel threatened, they will leave their nests in one area and move to another. 

You may need to spray or set traps in your bedroom (or around your bed) to keep the cockroaches out or to catch them when they try to get into your bed.


If cockroaches have multiplied in your home, it won’t take long until they overpopulate and need to move to different areas. 

While most infestations start in the kitchen, there is only so much room in one spot, and they will need to spread out to other areas. 

Finding a cockroach in your bed could mean that they have moved into your bedroom. 

Even if you don’t see a lot of them, there could still be many more hiding in cracks and under furniture, just waiting for the lights to go out so they can look for food and continue to reproduce.

Searching For a Nesting Area

Sometimes cockroaches are picky about where they nest. While it’s true that they can survive almost anywhere, most prefer to nest somewhere comfortable.

If they find your bedroom or even your bed to be a hospitable environment, they may choose to make a nest there. 

They often move around a lot when scouting an area to make a new nest. You may see one cockroach in your bed because it is exploring and trying to determine if it’s a suitable place to lay eggs or to live. 

Keep the area clean to keep them from being interested. If the roaches cannot find food easily, they are less likely to be interested in a space.


Cockroaches like to be in dark places. Since most people keep their bedrooms dark at night and during the day when they are not in their rooms, this is a great place for them to live and flourish. 

You may notice that they only come out at night or are more active at night when the lights are off. You might even see them run and hide when you turn on the lights. 

This is because they don’t want to be seen and will run to dark places to hide more easily. 


Roaches want to be comfortable, so they prefer areas that are not too hot or cold. Most people feel the same, and they like to keep their bedrooms at a comfortable temperature. 

If you’re comfortable, cockroaches will likely be comfy too. 

If your house is cold, they may also be attracted to your body heat while you sleep. 


Finding a cockroach in your bed can be an awful experience, but there are things you can do to get rid of them so you can get your home back and feel comfortable sleeping in your bed again. 

You will want to keep the bed and the area around it clean so they are not tempted to trespass.

Keeping your home clean is only the first step, though. 

If you have cockroaches, it’s best to contact a professional pest removal company to come and help remove them before they reproduce and spread to more areas of your home.