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Can Bed Bugs Go in Your Private Parts?

We all know that bed bugs love to crawl all over humans, especially when they’re sleeping. 

So, one of the scariest questions that enter people’s minds is, can bed bugs get into your private parts?

Basically, no, bed bugs will not go inside your private parts. Yet, they may bite them, especially if you sleep naked. Usually, bed bugs feed on whatever area of the skin they can get to first, which could possibly be your genitals. 

Will Bed Bugs Go Inside My Private Parts?

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No, bed bugs have absolutely no reason to go inside your private parts, and there are no authentic reported cases of it happening. 

One major reason why they don’t go into people’s private parts is that bed bugs don’t live on people. 

And, really, bed bugs don’t even like to stay on people for too long. 

They prefer to just come out of your mattress or another hiding place, bite, and then leave. 

So, bed bugs will almost never just crawl around your skin. 

Additionally, bed bugs typically just bite the closest bit of skin they can find. 

Thus, if you wear clothes to bed, they probably won’t bother going inside your pants. 

Will Bed Bugs Enter the Urethra?

No, bed bugs will not enter the urethra of either men or women. 

For one, bed bugs recognize that the inside of the human body is very warm, and bed bugs don’t like heat. 

Thus, it is extremely rare for a bed bug to enter any opening on the body. 

Furthermore, bed bugs know they need oxygen to survive, meaning they rarely go into places where they could suffocate. 

Finally, even if a bed bug did try to get into your urethra, you would know immediately. 

Bed bugs are around the size of an apple seed at 5-7 mm long. 

And you would absolutely feel if something that large tried to enter your urethra. 

Will Bed Bugs Enter the Vagina?

Although the vagina is a much bigger opening than the urethra, it is extremely unlikely that a bed bug will attempt to enter it. 

For starters, the vagina maintains a high temperature and lacks oxygen, which are the same reasons that a bed bug won’t go into your urethra. 

Also, the vagina is acidic, and bed bugs will naturally stay away from acids because they can kill them. 

And, because of the position of the vagina, your thighs will most likely act as a barrier to keep bed bugs away. 

Will Bed Bugs Enter the Anus?

It’s a scary thought, but rest assured that it is virtually impossible for bed bugs to enter a person’s anus. 

Basically, for bed bugs to get into the anus, they would have to burrow quite a way through your buttcheeks, and there is just no reason for them to do that. 

Plus, if they even tried to burrow towards the anus, they would suffocate rather quickly because of the lack of airflow. 

Can Bed Bugs Bite My Genitals?

Although bed bugs won’t go inside your private parts, they may still bite them. 

Yet, bed bugs usually won’t feed on the skin of your genitals. 

One reason is that bed bugs prefer smooth skin. 

So, if you have any pubic hair at all, they’ll probably move onto another spot. 

Also, as I said above, bed bugs like to bite, feed, and leave as quickly as possible. 

Thus, if you’re wearing pants or even just underwear, they probably won’t bother going inside your clothes. 

They’d rather just bite the first bit of smooth, exposed skin they find and then go back to their hiding place. 

However, they can still bite sensitive areas of your body if they choose to, including your genitals, buttcheeks, and breasts. 

How to Keep Bed Bugs Away From Private Parts

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Of course, the best way to keep bed bugs away from your genitals is to get rid of the bed bugs, but anyone who has dealt with these little creatures knows that’s a lot easier said than done. 

Yet, if you are currently dealing with a bed bug infestation, there are a few things you can do to keep them away from your private parts. 

One of the simplest ways to keep bed bugs off your genitals is to wear clothes to bed. 

And you can wear any type of clothes you’d like as long as they aren’t very loose. 

However, for the most part, the best clothes you can wear to keep bed bugs away from your genitals is underwear that fits close to the body. 

These underwear do not need to be tight, but they can’t be too loose either. 

Thus, boxer shorts probably aren’t the best thing to wear if you have bed bugs. 

You should also wash and dry your sheets, blankets, and other bedclothes often because the heat from the dryer will kill most of the bed bugs

Killing the bed bugs will, of course, reduce the number of bites you get overall on any part of your body. 

Finally, you can apply lavender lotion before going to sleep because bed bugs do not like this smell. 

But remember that you shouldn’t use any creams on your vulva (the outer parts of the vagina, like the labia and clitoris) unless the lotion is safe for use there. 

Instead, use the lotion on your thighs, hips, and the lower part of your stomach. 

Can Bed Bugs Get Into My Pubic Hair?

Bed bugs can get into your pubic hair, but if they do, they probably won’t stay for long. 

For one, a bed bug isn’t going to stay on your body any longer than it has to do so. 

Furthermore, bed bugs don’t really like to get into people’s hair. 

Remember that your hairs are relatively large compared to a bed bug. 

Thus, they don’t want to have to crawl over all of those individual hairs just to bite you. 

Instead, bed bugs prefer open spaces where they can easily walk around. 

Will Bed Bugs Go in My Mouth, Nose, or Ears?

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Again, bed bugs will not typically go inside of the human body because they have no reason to when they can instead feed on more accessible skin. 

Yet, bed bugs do occasionally travel into people’s mouths, noses, or ears. 

This scenario is highly unlikely, though, and you’d probably wake up if a bed bug ever attempted to enter your body. 

Can Bed Bugs Get Under My Skin?

Another common fear is that bed bugs will burrow under a person’s skin or lay eggs there. 

And I’m glad to say that bed bugs can not get underneath your skin or lay eggs inside your skin. 

Also, they much prefer to lay their eggs in stable environments where they won’t get smashed, meaning it is doubtful that they’ll lay their eggs on your skin either. 


Overall, it would be an extremely rare occurrence if a bed bug got inside a person’s private parts. 

However, it isn’t too uncommon for bed bugs to bite a person’s genitals, especially if they are sleeping naked. 

So, if you are worried about bites near your genitals while dealing with a bed bug infestation, your best bet is to wear snug-fitting clothes to bed.